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One of the most significant trends in today’s business world is the dramatic increase in the use of contingent workers across organisations globally. The practice is not new as it began essentially when administrators were borrowed across organisational borders to fill roles temporarily due to vacation, illnesses, and the like. Today, contingent work manifests itself in many working models, the most common being technology implementation team augmentation augmentation.

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A talented team on demand.

Does your business need a temporary talent injection, or perhaps a longer-term technical partnership with trusted, experienced and talented technology experts? Whatever your current circumstances, we can provide expertise at the right time, with the skills you need for a successful digital outcome.

Our Staff Augmentation service allows clients to enhance in-house teams with experts, without inflated recruitment costs and onerous employment procedures. Team members at Intelance are trained to seamlessly integrate with your organisation, and adopt our value-driven approach of delivering high quality implementations on an agreed schedule, collaborating with Intelance’s own team members (where appropriate) to solve problems quickly and pragmatically.

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One of the biggest challenges in the world of software development is finding the right people to deliver complex client projects with enough experience and skills at the right price, right time, without the high costs and time associated. For this reason, many businesses are now turning to on-demand team augmentation resources to help build their workforce.

Whether you are struggling to bring in the right contract tech talent on time, have a key knowledge gap to fill, or a project with an aggressive timeline to meet, we can provide you with the experts you need to solve the problem.

How we Work

Our staff augmentation scenarios

Project team augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organisation. There are a wide variety of scenarios in which companies leverage project team augmentation, including:

Increased capacity & tight deadlines

Increase in project resource to fulfill a temporary spike in both internal or client digital transformation projects, and highly skilled team members to deliver complex project requirements under a tight deadline.

Bridge to hire

For longer-term needs as a bridge capacity to "trial-run" for more permanent project team members with us taking the hit in the case of a mishire, rather than the organisation initiating the project.

Strategic specialised skills

Build an out-of-house augmented team with specific skill sets on a per-project basis rather than having to hire new employees as a way to gain competitive advantage (increased speed to market, being more agile from a core skills perspective), and to delivery a project over a specific period of time.

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