In the retail industry, we have quickly become aware of the new challenges from intense industry disruption. Adapting to change requires new tools to help your business overcome and provide support as you differentiate your strategy and empower teams and relationships for future success.

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Accelerating value in retail.

Retail is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, generating some of the biggest revenues and accounting to almost a third of jobs. The core of the retail industry is selling products and services to consumers, through channels such as, storefront, catalog, television, and online. 

In today’s increasingly competitive and saturated market, retailers are challenged to find differentiation to set themselves apart and remain competitive. With a digitalised economy driving heightened customer expectations, pressure on retailers is mounting to adopt a data-driven strategy in order to provide the personalised, convenient, and highly relevant experiences that customers demand.

Connecting the distributed retail environment.

Adapting to changing retail environments requires innovation in how we connect. The shift to digital transformation is bringing new insights to retail adopters that empower teams, improve results. speed-to-market, and build deeper customer relationships for long-lasting.

To realise that potential, retail organisations need to embrace a data-driven approach that unlocks these powerful insights and delivers a complete view of customers and business operations.

AI & Data ananytics use cases

Common retail analytics use-cases


  • Consolidate customer data sources for a 360-degree view of your customer to drive relevant offers, grow revenue and improve customer experience.

Supply chain optimisation

Optimise your supply chain and enhance product and service delivery with advanced insights and analytics which optimise planning and improve fulfilment, sourcing and logistics.

Omni-channel optimisation

Provide a seamless customer journey that enables customers to switch platforms, devices and channels, while still having a connected multi-channel retail experience.

Automation use cases

Common retail automation use-cases


  • Calculate future demand for specific retail products
  • Reallocate overages to buyers with shortage/high demand
  • Pair promotional events with seasonal demand changes

Customer service

  • Send real-time updates to customers about promotions or in-store events
  • Collect customer feedback/reviews about their recent in-store or online experience
  • Manage loyalty card programs

Back office

  • Track inventory price changes
  • Read files in the POS system
  • Scrape websites for tax invoicing

Case Studies

Pump Manufacturer Azure Purview
Case Studies
Danish pump manufacturer develops sustainable water solutions

A danish manufacturing company creates innovative solutions to the planet’s water and climate challenges. As its data volume grew due to Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, the pump manufacturer needed better discoverability and governance across its cloud-based and on-premises data sources.

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