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A government that understands its citizens is better prepared to serve them. Government leaders are looking for breakthrough ways to advance their objectives, manage ever-increasing volumes of data, and refresh legacy systems while creating a foundation for the future. Technology is the key enabler, helping agencies meet ever-increasing expectations, even with limited budgets to dedicate to these growing challenges.

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The pace of technological change is ever increasing, and governments are not immune. The people you serve – your citizens, business owners, and those visiting – have come to expect that service is available in stress-free, easy to use ways, and they expect that Governments are using digital approaches to make this happen. 

And as Governments, expectations are often higher than those for the private sector. You are expected to spend taxpayer money wisely; to reduce the burden of bureaucracy by using data effectively; to be able to respond to short term imperatives, as well as long term directions; all while proving yourself worthy of the trust that people have placed in you to keep their data secure and protect their privacy.

Imagine doing more for the institutions, businesses, and citizens you serve. Imagine the power to meet your mission, and exceed it – enhancing government services, promoting citizen well-being, and driving positive changes in society.

Transforming the future of government in real-time.

As technology advances, expectations rise, and government services are no exception to today’s changing expectations. But with that challenge, technology offers an opportunity. A data-first strategy can unlock insights that empower governments to better meet the needs of their communities and promote trust and confidence in government services.

Its an approach that begins with data and ends in measurable results.

Our perspective on government

Empowering government agencies to achieve more

Citizens today expect more from government services in terms of user experience and speed of access. For local councils, this means providing ways for citizens to engage government on their own terms, on any device, at a time that works for them.

With our Government solutions, you can give your citizens secure, accessible ways to interact with government and increase the efficiency of your service offerings at the same time.

With security-enhanced identity technologies, citizens gain a current view of their agency interactions and secure access to their personal records and transaction history.

Governments are increasingly adapting to the need to work across traditional departmental and agency boundaries, and across levels of government to deliver services that people expect, and reduce the burden of dealing with bureaucracy.

This means rethinking models of accountability and incentives, and requires understanding user journeys from the perspective of those being served.

Local government agencies are being challenged to drive IT innovation while maintaining regulatory compliance and controlling costs as expectations increase, agencies must work to modernise infrastructure in a secure and efficient manner.

With the proliferation of data in the public sector, employees need the ability to harness this data to drive agility and effective collaboration while adhering to the strictest privacy and compliance standards.

Governments are under scrutiny for the ways in which new technologies are being used, to ensure that people are being treated fairly, and that government is operating transparently.

While many governments have inherited legacy tech stacks, the modernisation of these is now inevitable.

Moving forward with the implementation of cloud-first strategies has been recognised to enhance security, increase flexibility, and better protect the data of citizens.

Governments have always worried about security and privacy, but in an online world—security and compliance has moved to front and center of top concerns.

AI & data analytics use cases

Common government AI & analytics use-cases

Benefit management

  • Make online citizen services accessible, and easier to use
  • More accurate social benefit calculations
  • Better analysis of beneficiary's data & historical patterns
  • Prevent fraud, abuse, and waste

Virtual courts

  • Deliver justice while balancing public safety concerns
  • Manage rapidly growing case backlogs
  • Conduct court business & balance security, compliance, and privacy
  • Tap into historical data for better decision making

Fraud prevention

  • Create efficiency with public money, and internal operations
  • Mitigate tax fraud & promote economic sustainability
  • Analyse historical data of tax violations to identify patterns
  • Improve decision making with real-time dashboards & analytics

Case Studies

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Case Studies
Danish pump manufacturer develops sustainable water solutions

A danish manufacturing company creates innovative solutions to the planet’s water and climate challenges. As its data volume grew due to Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, the pump manufacturer needed better discoverability and governance across its cloud-based and on-premises data sources.

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