There has never been a more exciting time to be a manufacturer. Manufacturers have a huge impact on our future. They will help build smart cities, autonomous vehicles, add intelligence to existing products from toasters to automobiles, help save energy and water, and fuel and feed the world through precision agriculture.
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Manufacturing a more sustainable future.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a manufacturer. Manufacturers have a huge impact on our future. They will help build smart cities, autonomous vehicles, add intelligence to existing products from toasters to automobiles, help save energy and water, and fuel and feed the world through precision agriculture.

What we have been hearing from manufacturers that we have been engaged with in their digital transformation journey is that to get out of the commoditisation trap and differentiate your products, manufacturers need to focus on their customers business outcomes, and to do that across their B2B and B2C customers the journey most manufacturers are embarking on is from production, to product-as-a-service.

This transformation from production to product-as-a-service changes manufacturers whole mindset, and their business from end-to-end.


Digital trends are changing manufacturing.

Competitive edge is no longer based on product offerings alone. Now, manufacturing is about the best and most profitable business models and enhancing the customer experience.

The decreasing cost of IoT sensors, the increase in mobile devices, the scale of cloud-based platforms, and advances in traditional analytics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence have created a tempest that is engulfing, changing, and opening almost every industry.

In manufacturing it’s no different. Customers are more knowledgeable, want more responsive experiences in purchasing and using products, and have more choices than ever before.

Our perspective on manufacturing

Empowering the factory of the future

To customise your products and services for your customers and innovate at the speed that product-as-a-service requires you need an agile, responsive production process. You need solutions that can help you enable a “factory of the future.” By that, I mean a complex ecosystem of self-regulating machines and sites that customise output, optimally allocate resources and offer a seamless interface between the physical and virtual world.

The journey to factory of the future starts with connecting factory assets adding sensors to machines and equipment to collect data, then monitoring and adjusting operations accordingly.​

Ultimately, you will want to connect and monitor factory performance across the globe, using data from smart assets to apply operational insights and further optimise your production processes.

You can use all this data coming in from IoT sensors, field service, sales, factories, and the supply chain to speed innovation.​ With connected product innovation solutions, you can get real-time insight into which products and features customers are using without waiting for customer survey results.

And with big computing capacity available on demand, you can iterate the next version of your product much more rapidly using digital twins, as well as simulation and analysis tools.

The Automotive industry is doing this on a massive scale with the data coming in from their connected vehicles, and fleets of specially instrumented autonomous vehicles.

An ideal first step in moving toward product-as-a-service is proactively engaging with your customer throughout your product’s lifecycle.​

With connected field service solutions, you can remotely monitor the smart product you have sold to your customer. That way, you can get the insights you need to do predictive maintenance and minimise your customer’s downtime.​

For both predicted and unexpected maintenance issues, you can speed up repair time by getting alerts and dispatching technicians using skills-based assignments and by empowering service technicians with complete customer insight, real-time guidance, and cross-team collaboration.

Delivering your product-as-a-service also means you need to take a new, collaborative approach to the sales process to help sellers navigate your increasingly complex portfolio of products and services, and to build long-term relationships and ongoing customer loyalty.​

With connected sales and service solutions, you can empower your sellers to see the full spectrum of a customer’s needs. Sellers can analyse previous product usage and performance, and then predict potential needs using intelligent tools.​

Sellers can also collaborate with customers to customise product purchases and efficiently execute contracts using configure-price-quote, quote-to-cash, and contract lifecycle management tools.

As you are making more product variants and delivering customised connected services along with them your supply chain becomes ever more complex and multifaceted.

You can use intelligent supply chain solutions to help you manage that complexity. A new generation of intelligent business applications, can help you: deliver the right products, parts, resources, and service where and when they are needed, achieve a balance between desired customer service level and budget requirements, and enable tighter upstream and downstream collaboration across increasingly complex value chains.

The modern workforce for manufacturing needs new skills to keep up with the digital transformation and speed of business that impacting every scenario.

Even without this transformation there’s already a skills gap in manufacturing. Workforce transformation requires that we use technology to attract, train, and retain the next generation workforce, equipping them with the skills to reimagine manufacturing, and shape our sustainable future.

Data ananytics use cases

Common manufacturing analytics use-cases

Connected factory

  • Create insights into customers' desired outcomes
  • Improve productivity to increase revenue margins
  • Get products that customers want to market faster
  • Engage customers with differentiated buying experiences

Supply chain optimisation

  • Deliver the right products when & where needed
  • Fast & timely insights to improve decision making
  • Meet customers growing expectations
  • Optimise supply chain performance

Smart connected field service

  • Accelerate first time fixes
  • Differentiate services to increase revenue
  • Prevent equipment failures
  • Transform products & services

Predictive maintenance

  • Anamoly detection and resolution
  • Predict asset maintenance preventing downtime and accidents

Remote monitoring

  • Factory visibility (environment, machines, systems)
  • Early identification of equipment failure
  • Real-time safety monitoring

Automation use cases

Common manufacturing automation use-cases

Inventory management

  • Calculate future product demand
  • Forecast inventory
  • Generate low inventory notifications
  • Automate notifications for shipping status

Labour management

  • Inform data-driven production line staffing decisions based on current and future product demand
  • Standardise of manufacturing processes
  • Reduce human-driven production errors


  • Monitor factory capacity utilisation
  • Track and process employee, production and material costs
  • Digitise quality control approval processes
  • Streamline recruiting, qualification, and certification processes of plant employees

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