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Simply taking a digital approach is no longer enough as the financial services industry moves toward a data-driven, intelligently informed level of service. It means anticipating customers’ every need, adjusting your services and operations accordingly, and proactively managing potential fraud before problems even arise. 

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About industry

Future-first financial services.

The financial services industry includes a broad spectrum of entities such as banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms, engaged in the funding and money management for individuals, businesses, and governments. Besides data security concerns, financial institutions face unique issues such as, heavy reliance on traditional mainframe systems, cyber and technology risks, compliance issues, increasing competition, and customer expectations.

By modernising and digitally transforming financial systems to move to cloud platforms, financial institutes can mitigate these issues and provide more value to their customers.

Today’s consumers expect their financial institutions to not only securely manage their finances but understand their needs and preferences to deliver the right offers and services to help them achieve their goals.

Personalised financial services in the age of intelligence.

Digital transformation is changing the financial sector. Customers expect fast, user-friendly service; AI and chat bots are everywhere; and robust data analytics are a must to stay ahead of the markets. The right solution can meet these rising demands and unlock further growth.

Reduce risk, delight customers, and protect yourself against financial crime through data analytics.

AI & Data ananytics use cases

Common financial services analytics use-cases

Deliver differentiated client experiences

Deepen customer insights and relationships using consumer data and predictive analytics. Enrich your understanding to create a more personalised experience at every touchpoint.

Modernise payments and core banking

Get the full agility that you and your customers need by moving financial services and software to the cloud. Roll out new products and services more easily while using analytics & AI to unlock new revenue streams.

Manage risk across the organisation

Help protect sensitive data and stay on top of regulatory mandates with a comprehensive risk-management solution. Risk analysts can also simulate scenarios to mitigate risk.

Reimagine collaboration and productivity

Improve how your organisation works by breaking down silos for better collaboration and automating manual processes to speed up productivity and client proposals.

Combat financial crime

Detect criminal and fraudulent activity using machine learning that automatically screens and stops malicious activity, minimising false alerts and facilitating compliance.

Automation use cases

Common financial services automation use-cases

Data management

  • Update loan data in a database application
  • Collect all loan payment information
  • Post data from Excel into subledgers
  • Identify and resolve invoice discrepancies
  • Consolidate transactions in ERP

Client management

  • Activate customer bank accounts
  • Process customer requests for banking/ insurance statements
  • Conduct credit checks
  • Process credit card applications
  • Investigate fraudulent transactions


  • Create and send financial statements to regulatory bodies
  • Track travel and general expenses
  • Process vendor invoices and manage payments
  • Validate contract terms to ensure compliance

Case Studies

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