Sustainable Equipment Trade-In Initiative

We can help you make the most of your redundant equipment by purchasing and collecting them off you also helping you to achieve your sustainability goals by recycling your equipment in accordance with ISO 14001.

Sustainable Equipment Trade-In - Intelance
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Does your organisation have old hardware you no longer use?

We recently launched a sustainable equipment trade-in service in collaboration with our accredited asset disposal and data sanitisation partners allowing you to extend the useful life and value of your hardware investments through our Global Lifecycle Management program. When you are ready to trade in your assets or have them purchased for destruction, we offer a seamless, compliant and integrated experience to sell your old hardware to us.

In return, you could use the money to fund your digital transformation projects, purchase new or circular hardware that fulfills your current needs, and ultimately take further steps towards achieving your sustainability goals by recycling your equipment in accordance with ISO 14001 ensuring your devices and data are disposed of in full compliance with all UK and Global regulations.

We can also help you upgrade, when you are ready for a technology refresh using business equipment provider and asset purchase finance service.

Disposing your IT assets safely and responsibly.

We protect not only you, but also the environment. Intelance’s core environmental protection policy calls for zero landfill, zero incineration and zero export of non-functioning assets or e-waste. We perform all asset disposition services through sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, both internally and externally. We comply with all applicable local, state, federal and in-country laws ensuring your data is protected throughout every stage of the removal and destruction process.

Disposing with sustainability in mind.

Secure logistics

On-site packaging and transportation with security standards in mind

Refurbish and redeploy

Certified experts assess the best use of each piece of equipment

Spare parts management

Harvest usable components for deployment elsewhere

Data erasure

Protecting your brand by erasing sensitive data and adhering to in-region data protection privacy statutes


Disposed and recycled in line with the UK’s environmental legislation


Customisable reporting to track your inventory’s exact location through online inventory management

Our Equipment Trade-in Process

We recognise that a healthy and sustainable environment is critical to our society, economy, business, and people. We believe that our business should be conducted in a manner that embraces sustainability, recycling, and the use of renewable resources to the extent possible consistent with the achievement of our goals for our shareholders, business partners, and staff.

Equipment Trade-in Process Graphic 2


We are committed to being a leader in developing best practices in these areas for the technology distribution market. We address environmental issues in an integrated manner to encompass protection of the environment as well as colleague health and safety (EHS).

We have completed several environmentally focused projects to help reduce our company’s carbon footprint; including implemented and expanded recycling programs for pallets, cardboard packaging, glass, plastic, metals, batteries and electronics, as part of our global lifecycle management business.

Data Erasure Report Picture

Dedicated processing facility at Magna Park (capacity to test 80-90,000 devices per month). Completely empties the device’s memory – erasure report contains all device details. Adisa certified and also compliant with all major data protection regulation; NIST, EU GDPR. Full audit trail available. CMR and Piceasoft are fully integrated to ensure no device can pass through processing without certification.

NQA Certificate of Registration

The protection of the environment is central to our renew approach - the safe recycling of mobile devices, batteries and accessories. In accordance with this ethos CMR has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) adhering to all guidelines outlined in the internationally recognised standard ISO 14001 (since inception in 2003), ISO 9001 and 27001.

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