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Connected Networks

Our connected networks services support our clients growing needs for agility, security, and scalability in a multi-vendor environment by providing straighforward direction across network connectivity, integration to managed networks, and software defined networking.

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Data connectivity and networking.

Networks are the most critical component of an effective enterprise IT environment. Traditional networks are stressed by the expansion of data traffic and devices and by the requirements and security issues associated with hybrid cloud and the adoption of innovative technologies.

Our network services support your growing need for agility, security and scalability in a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment. We provide straightforward direction and extensive experience of networking across a range of industry sectors with services which range from network connectivity consulting and integration to managed network services and software-defined networking across LAN, WLAN, WAN and data centre.

Connecting everything.

At the core of any business lies its network. Just as important as electricity or water, you need to ensure your employees have stable, round-the-clock access to your network resources, applications and data.

Software-defined environments incorporate flexibility, automation, high availability and open standards into your IT landscape so you can meet next-generation agility, innovation and application demand in the cloud.

How we Work

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As migration of applications to the cloud continues to accelerate, businesses are realising that conventional router-centric WAN architecture which backhauls internet traffic to a headquarters-based data centre, creating high latency or delay and leading to a poor user experience, is no longer appropriate for today’s cloud-centric world.

As more businesses transform into digital enterprises, traditional enterprise networks must adapt to deliver the agility and security being demanded.

We offer end-to-end project delivery from concept development, workshops and design, through to deployment, configuration, ongoing support and management services that encompass the complete network lifecycle.

As migration of workloads to the cloud continues to accelerate, many networks cannot keep up with the scale, complexity and threats today’s business environment presents.

Legacy connectivity networks simply weren’t built for the unprecedented volume of traffic that cloud adoption brings, SD-WAN is having been designed to make networks flexible and agile.