Cloud Enablement Services

Our cloud enablement services provide our clients with the necessary scaling, performance, security and robustness that support the different stages of their cloud journey.

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Migrate to the cloud and track your progress.

Our clients typically have varying needs based on how far they have come in their digital transformation journey and how established their digital estate is today. Our ability to address our customer needs at any phase of their cloud transformation is the hallmark of our successful cloud service delivery and management practice.

Clients may at the start of their journey, be looking for help deciding which applications can be migrated, the impact on their organisation, and the dependencies of the application. Others may have existing on-premises deployments today which are targeted to be migrated to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment, or current applications which are being transformed for hosting in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

Some clients will already have one or more cloud subscriptions, application deployments, and cloud-ready applications in use, and might be looking to add more workloads to the cloud or build deeper integrations to create systems of intelligence for better analytics.

A better approach to migration.

Migration to the cloud has become a business priority. It is no longer a question of “if” or ”when,” the question today has become “how?” Organisations are digitally transforming themselves to drive business value and enhance customer experiences. Companies are moving workloads to the cloud for cost savings and to take advantage of cloud innovations. Many are creating new applications in the cloud.
How we Work

Our cloud enablement & modernisation phases

The assessment phase is where our team will use a mixture of software tools and consultancy best practices to discover what applications can be migrated, what your current configurations are, the people within the your organisation that will be impacted by the migration, and the dependencies of the application.

The output of the assessment will include a comprehensive plan for what to do with the application and the expectations on availability and functionality.

The migration phase is when the recommendations in the assessment plan are put into place. The following steps are usually taken:

  1. Setup subscriptions using best practices for security, connectivity, policies, and general governance prior to migration.
  2. Perform the migration using the prescribed method identified in the assessment plan: rehost, retire, replace, rearchitect or retain.
  3. Evaluate and test to ensure the migrated application meets the criteria outlined in the assessment.

In the optimisation phase. we will use security and maangement resources to govern, secure, and monitor the cloud applications.

We will also look for opportunities to optimise your cloud spend. Common tasks at this stage are:

  1. Track spending and identify areas for cost savings.
  2. Evaluate migrated applications for opportunities to right size over provisioned virtual machines and services.
  3. Implement automation to resize or stop based on a utilisation schedule.