Our advice & solutions can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your people, industry, and processes.

About Intelance

A global vision right from the beginning.

Intelance provides technology advisory & implementation services that help organisations achieve their growth ambitions through the use of cloud solutions. Our extensive partner network, knowledge of the ever-changing technology landscape, and pool of highly experienced digital transformation experts enable us to provide you with unique, practical, and industry-specific insights.

We kick off every new client relationship with an in-depth discovery meeting between you and one of our industry experts to give us a better understanding of your current infrastructure, identifying the inefficiencies in your core business processes, how these inefficiencies are affecting the goals you have set out to achieve, along with a proposed implementation plan and delivery team for our solution recommendations.

All our solutions are supported by validated proof of concepts, methodologies and cloud platforms that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We make use of pre-built industry assets to reduce the time required for deployment and implementation into your environments providing you with significant cost savings, guaranteed alignment to your relevant departments/functional areas, scope for continuous improvements based on feedback from your users, and the ability to track tangible returns on investment that contribute to your overall bottom line.

About us - Intelance
Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


To centralise data in all areas within a business regardless of their size or industry.


To play our part in creating a globally connected business environment.


Disconnected data, disconnects people, creating disconnected environments

Meet our leadership

We are intelligence in action.

“Our commitment to constant innovation within our organisation fosters a collaborative environment where we take pride in operating under a flat leadership structure giving everyone a voice regardless of their role, regular opportunities to share ideas that could potentially influence our growth as a company, and most importantly an environment where continuous learning is encouraged.”

Emmanuel Olatunji – Founder & CEO