The know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach we bring to our partnership with clients support their journey to a more secure and more sustainable business future.

About Intelance

Using digital know-how to solve common business challanges.

By bringing together unrivalled expertise in digital strategy & architecture, cloud enablement, unified communications, cybersecurity, data analytics, process automation, and infrastructure modernisation, we have become a digital enablement partner of choice for the world’s leading organisations.

We take pride in partnering with our clients to identify inefficiencies causing challenges within their core business processes, how these inefficiencies are affecting the goals they have set out to achieve, and how we can ultimately support them as they build more secure, and sustainable businesses by making use of our pool of highly experienced digital transformation experts, extensive partner network, and knowledge of the ever-changing technology landscape to provide unique, practical, and industry-specific solutions to the identified challenges, implementation plans for our proposed solutions, and a delivery team to support in bringing our solution recommendations to life.

We are here to help you navigate a rapidly changing world, by working with you to manage and mitigate the day-to-day challenges you face. From security to data-driven customer relationships and enterprise resourcing transformation, it’s our job to help you deal with uncertainty by making the best use of the resources at your disposal to proactively shape the future of your organisation.

About - Intelance
Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.

Strategic Vision

Our technical know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach will help you build a more secure and sustainable future for your organisation.

Technical Expertise

Our people are industry experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your specific challenges, standards and requirements then deploy their knowledge in helping you meet them.


Every organisation is unique. That’s why our experts work with you, to fully understand your needs and goals, and work out how we can best support them.

Meet our leadership

We are intelligence in action.

“Our commitment to constant innovation within our organisation fosters a collaborative environment where we take pride in operating under a flat leadership structure giving everyone a voice regardless of their role, regular opportunities to share ideas that could potentially influence our growth as a company, and most importantly an environment where continuous learning is encouraged.”

Emmanuel Olatunji – Director & Digital Enablement Principal

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