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Using digital know-how to solve common healthcare and pharma challenges.

Connected people. Connected data. Limitless possibilities.

At Intelance, we provide custom enterprise architecture and digital transformation services designed specifically for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our goal is to use advanced technology and expert consulting to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and enhance patient outcomes.



A new data & automation driven world.



Digital innovation is changing the business landscape at a rapid pace by revolutionising business models and helping to create competitive advantage.

In today’s technology-centric world businesses must choose to disrupt or be disrupted and can embrace these opportunities by enhancing traditional business processes with digital technologies, digitally transform their existing business processes or re-invent themselves with entirely new digitally driven ways of working.

What we do

Service Highlights

Enterprise Architecture

Designing robust, scalable architectures that align with your business goals.

Strategic Consulting

Providing strategic insights and roadmaps to guide your digital transformation.

Technical Implementation

Seamless execution of technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

Innovation Labs

Pioneering research and development to drive industry-leading innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of AI to revolutionise healthcare and pharmaceutical operations.


Comprehensive security solutions to protect your data and ensure compliance.




Industry Focus

Specialising in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

Intelance is uniquely positioned to address the specific challenges and opportunities within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our deep industry expertise ensures that our solutions are not only innovative but also compliant with the stringent regulatory requirements of these fields.

Supporting Statistics:

  • Healthcare: 75% of healthcare executives report improved patient outcomes through digital transformation.
  • Pharmaceutical: 60% of pharmaceutical companies have accelerated drug development timelines with our AI-driven solutions.
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Innovation Labs
Innovation Labs Highlight

Discover Our Innovation Labs

Our Innovation Labs are dedicated to exploring and developing cutting-edge solutions using emerging technologies. We collaborate with leading technology providers and startups to bring the latest advancements to our clients.


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