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Intelligent Digital Tranformation

Connected people. Connected data. Limitless possibilities.

Intelance provides digital enablement advisory & implementation services that help organisations achieve their growth ambitions through the use of cloud solutions.



A new data & automation driven world.



The ability to understand what’s happening at a given moment within your organisation is more valuable than ever, and the ability to make confident decisions based on that understanding is essential for helping your organisation adapt and thrive – even as circumstances change rapidly. Intelance empowers organisations to turn fragmented data into powerful insights while boosting business productivity by automating repetitive time-consuming tasks.

How we Work

Our engagement process

Explore challenges & solutions

First we would explore specific challenges you are facing and talk about the types of technologies we have to help you with those challenges.

Build proof-of-concept & run pilot

Once we have an idea of what you would like to do, we have the expertise to build the type of solution you need.

Build & deploy full solution

Then we could work with you to implement the solution in steps, first doing a Proof-of-Concept, and then running a limited pilot before building and deploying a full solution.
Why Choose Us

Connect your business with intelligence.

Intelance provides technology advisory & implementation services that help organisations achieve their growth ambitions through the use of cloud solutions. Our extensive partner network, knowledge of the ever-changing technology landscape, and pool of highly experienced digital transformation experts enable us to provide you with unique, practical, and industry-specific insights.

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Articles & Insights

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